The semi-sensical, semi insane book a week idea / challenge

I maintain a of books that I want to read on Goodreads. It contains a bunch of different books, all of which contain the same basic theme that at one time or other I wanted to read said book. Unfortunately they also contain the same basic theme that they as of yet have not been read.

This is my plan to change that.

Usually on my reading devices I'll have a few books to read at a time. One time I had around 10 books on my currently reading list. If you ever wanted to see me in the middle of analysis paralysis, this would be a good start.

So with that in mind, I've decided to try a challenge:

  • At the beginning of the week I select a book to read for that week. If there are other books on my eReader devices, they get deleted and put back on the "to read" queue.
  • If Ifinish the book midway through the week then I pick another one.
  • If by the end of the week I haven't finished the book I can either move it to the "to read" list or keep reading it. This isn't so much about finishing a book a week as it is about keeping my reading commitments current.

This is across the board, so if some reading requirement comes up at work or somewhere else then it either goes on the list until next week starts, or it replaces the one that I'm reading. That's the only way outside of the weekly check-in for a book to be replaced.

I know I have a habit of not getting too far with these personal development challenges, but since there are so few moving parts (and it focuses on simplifying things) I think it'll be a little more successful than my other projects.

I'm currently half-way through Dog and Dragon, and unless something changes that, I'll keep on with it. It's a fun book, and hopefully I'll have it finished sooner than later.

If you want to keep up with my status, feel free to follow me via the Goodreads link on the sidebar. I'm not going to be posting much about it here, save for a few check-ins from time to time.