One week of living mostly Creative Commons

OK, here's another one of my hair-brained, crazy little ideas that I've had that I'll need your support to make work.

Well, this is the second of them. The first one I'll start posting about once I have a little more under my belt, but bear with me.

So I run this podcast that you may or may not have heard me talk about called Open Metalcast. It's a show featuring nothing but Creative Commons metal music, and I enjoy putting it together. Recently there was an episode of ~~Lugradio~~ ~~Shot of Jaq~~ er, Bad Voltage where they talked about Cards Against Humanity. One of the strong points they mentioned of Cards Against Humanity was that it was a Creative Commons Licensed game. I mentioned a few games that I know of that are Creative Commons Licensed and that got me thinking:

Would it be possible to live consuming nothing but Creative Commons Licensed content.

The short answer is "probably not" because there are plenty of things that don't fall under the Creative Commons (NPR broadcasts, Google Plus posts, Television and Radio as a whole, etc.). But there are plenty of things that do fall under the Creative Commons license. Would it be possible to consume mostly Creative Commons Licensed material. That's more of an interesting question, and it got me thinking about performing another of my patented experiments. You know: the ones that look good on paper, but are more difficult to implement?

What I intend to do:

My intention is to limit my consumption of media to prefer Creative Commons Material as much as I possibly can. I will record what I watch, listen to, and so forth and if given a choice I will prefer the Creative Commons versions over the more traditionally licensed material. Every day during the experiment I'll blog my progress (yep, another one of my "blog all the things" experiments).

Rules of engagement:

First, this is only for me, not the rest of my family. JoDee and I have been watching Babylon 5 for the past few months and I intend to finish what I started there. Again, this is mostly Creative Commons.

Second, anything that I need to read for work will still be something that I will read for work regardless of license. As much as I love the CC license I really love getting a paycheck.

Thirdly this isn't just a one-man show. I'll be looking for pointers and help with this experiment, so in the true spirit of collaboration: patches welcome. :)

I'll be starting this on Sunday, November 3rd and completing this on the following Saturday.

Wish me luck!