One week of living mostly Creative Commons: Day 1

Yesterday I deleted all of the non-CC music from my phone and added a few CC artists. Currently I have Dopestars Inc. Bounte, Professor Kliq, Machina, Toumai, OYABUN, Hela, Goliat / Dead in Montana, elevii, Santo Rostro, Lowshake, Leka, Project Roenwolfe, and Risha. I've played most if not all of these bands on my various podcasts so they're familiar ground. During the day I decided to give Jamendo's streaming radio a try (you knew they had streaming radio didn't you? Yeah, me either. Apparently you can find the streams here). I put my normal fiction on hold and started reading a collection of H.P. Lovecraft that I've been itching to read. I'm not sure Lovecraft would have been a firm believer in the CC license, but I'm glad CthulhuChick is, and the collection is quite good.

One thing I wondered is if there were any board games out there that were CC Licensed. I found a listing on Board Game Geek but it felt like there should be more out there, including the ones that James Ernest of CheapAss Games released. Maybe that's a niche that needs filling.

Overall today was pretty-well CC-licensed, with some exceptions (had to finish up the Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff episode that I started on Saturday). Am a little disheartened that the 5by5 network isn't CC-licensed, but remembered that the TWiT was CC-licensed, so I'll be able to get my podcasting fix that way.

More to come!