One week of living mostly Creative Commons: Day 2

Today I tried listening to some of the Jamendo streams instead of my usual Soma.FM Defcon Radio stream. I listened to the Metal and Electronic music stations for a bit until I started hearing repeats and then moved to my normal music collection. For most of the day I listened to Cloudkicker's Beacons / Let Yourself Be Huge / Fade / Subsume albums, and them moved to a mix of Khadaver, Killwire, Neurotech, Sekshun 8 and Drop Alive. The complete list of my day's listening is available on

In the evening I looked in on an HTML5 course (sadly not CC-Licensed) but that reminded me that I want to finish reading Al Sweigart's fabulous books on Making Games with Python and Pygame. I'll probably start that tomorrow.

One of the games that I've been meaning to get better at is probably older than everyone that has ever read this blog, combined. It's also surprisingly one of the few games of that lineage that is still actively (and voraciously) played. I'm talking of course about the game Go which has a 19x19 grid board, and two sets of white and black pieces fighting one of the longest battles of history. What's neat about Go is the game is public domain in the truest sense of the word. Sure there are organizations who define the rules for tournament play, but there's nothing stopping you from rewriting your own rules for the game, or coming up with a completely new set of rules.

While the creators of Go are lost to history Go is likely the oldest CC-0 game known to exist.

Tomorrow I'll talk about some of my favorite Role Playing Games and some recently Creative Commons Licensed games that make me extremely happy for their release.