One week of living mostly Creative Commons: Day 3

Most of the morning's listening was back to the Jameno streams. I'd really like to find some different CC-only electronic music streams for the daily-programming-grind, but unfortunately I've not been able to find anything as high quality as Jamendo, nor as consistently available as Jamendo. Perhaps this is an opportunity for someone. I'd really like to see take up the challenge but I think they have their hands already full with their current streams. Hm.

I've been working my way through the Fate Core rulebook. Fate is a role playing game that traces it's roots back to one of the earliest (and IMHO best) Internet-born Role Playing Games called Fudge. Fudge was unique in that it used special dice called "Fudge Dice" consisting of two + sides, two - sides, and two blank sides. So rolling four Fudge Dice could net you four + signs, four - signs, or anything in between (with - signs canceling out + signs and vice versa). So if I rolled + + - and blank, the total would be +1, which would then be compared against a "ladder" of adjectives for how well I did (anywhere from poor to legendary). Fudge is excellent as a toolkit for building Fudge-like RPG systems, preferring to give guidelines rather than strict interpretations of rules. What makes Fate great is it's a solid Fudge build that takes the great parts of Fudge and codifies them for a very collaborative and immersive gaming session. Fate recently had a Kickstarter for the core books, and one of the stretch goals was to make the textual rules of Fate available under a Creative Commons license. So now you too can create your own Fate-derived works using the Creative Commons BY attribution license (the most liberal of CC licenses next to Public Domain). And you can download the Fate Core rules in PDF, ePub, or mobi format from Evil Hat's Downloads section. Fate and Fudge dice are available from either Evil Hat's webstore or via Grey Ghost's shop. Take Fate for a spin and let me know how you like it!