One week of living mostly Creative Commons: Day 4/5

Yesterday I listened to more electronic music like the Syntension Alpha / Beta albums, along with other Synthematika artists. Today saw more post-rock bands like Black Market Serotonin, Carthasy, Amity in Fame's Dinner for One, and I:Scintilla's Optics album.Complete listing as always is available on my page.

Yesterday I was also working through the excellent Making Games with Python and Pygame book by Al Sweigart. Al makes the sorts of books I wish I could write: clear, witty, and amazingly fun to read. If you have any desire to create games using Python this is an excellent read. And it's Creative Commons Licensed as well. :)

I was going to have some write-ups of other role playing games that are Creative Commons Licensed, but I'll save those for later. Suffice to say the Creative Commons is very prevalent in the role-playing community and this is a good thing.