Color me cranky

Last night I working on the computer trying to get caught up with a few projects. Around 7pm the UPS started chirping, and then suddenly the power went out. This was a little annoying but I managed to turn off the computer and move on to other projects. I checked the DTE map to see who was affected and about how long the power would continue being out. It appeared the power was only out for a handful of folks in our area and should be on around midnight. "No worries" I thought and proceeded to work on other stuff. (Side note: I was going to try unpacking things but decided against it when I noticed that I couldn't see shit in the room where our stuff was. :) )

Time passes and the "Under Investigation: Should be up around midnight" turns into "Under Investigation: No ETA". I quickly learn that "Under Investigation" is DTE code for "we haven't even looked it this yet because it only affects a handful of people".

So this morning I'm still without power.

Worse, I can see that my neighbors down the street have power. At this point a compassionate human being would think "I'm grateful they have power and aren't having to suffer along with us". Apparently when you are without power for a while your compassion switch turns off and instead of celebrating this fact you instead wish they were in the same post-apocalyptic "can't see shit without a flashlight" that you're enduring. Fortunately we haven't descended into "The Monsters are Due on Maple Street" levels of paranoia, but I can hear someone asking in the distance "and this pattern is always the same?".

Add a lack of morning coffee, a rearranging my normal schedule, and a lack of access to my normal music library that lives on my desktop machine, and you have one crabby Craig.

Here's hoping things get resolved soon. I'd really hate for the aliens to win after all.