Week-long challenge

I'm making a challenge for myself for this week to get as many things off of my list as I can.

Each week I do my weekly review and I notice that certain things just sit there and don't move. They're kind of like the bottom of the soup kettle at an awful buffet. (I'm sure some of my project still think Prince is alive, RIP). So my challenge this week is to get as many of these things stirred up as possible and into the "done" category.

Things I'm hoping to have done:

  • Major progress on one of my server migrations that is in the embarrassing category of not-being-done
  • Progress on setting up a machine that has been sitting in a box for 6 months
  • Progress on getting our bikes in riding shape that has been sitting for mumble mumble years.
  • Sweeping out the garage and moving the stuff that is in there that hasn't moved since we moved in.
  • Decluttering the areas in my house that have significant levels of clutter (read: basement).

I will check back in next week to show how much progress I've made. And if the mood strikes I will report each day to say what my progress is.

Time to stir the pot.