The Any-Benefit

I've been re-reading to "Deep Work" lately and I've really taken to the idea of reducing the number of "Any Benefit" things that eat up my time. These are sites / services where the lure of them is that they provide some benefit that makes them attractive to keep around. What differentiates something that is "any benefit" vs. something that's important is that the site / service justifies its use by offering a possible or potential benefit for its use. This is often true of sites like Facebook or Twitter where folks believe that they need to have a presence in order to keep up with what their friends are doing, or because they feel they'll be missing out on something. The same is true for sites where the perceived value is higher than the actual value received. So I've been slowly pruning things in my day-to-day life. Things like Reddit got removed from my RSS feeds because I wasn't really checking it, and didn't see the benefit. There have been other sites that got the axe as well because the amount of effort that it took to maintain the interaction on those sites outweighed the potential benei received.

Slowly I'm implementing bits of this book into my daily life. Really finding this book helpful for getting myself back to a more focused state.