Designing a Well Lived Life: Checking In (November)

Checking in for November for my "Designing a Well-Lived Life" blogging. This is about making small changes during the year to make larger changes.

  • Writing more / designing more: I'm nearing the end of the editing pass for "The Mediocre Programmer" which is exciting for me. I'm in the process of getting someone to help me with chapter 7 (the chapter on burnout) to make sure that what I'm putting in there makes sense from perspectives that I don't have. I'm also starting work on writing more for the Pepper&Carrot RPG (which I'll be detailing in the coming month).

  • Programming more: Again my programming has been happening more at work than it has for myself. I haven't taken the time to really sit down and learn, but I hope to change that this next month by spending at least 10 minutes per day learning Django. I'll document that progress as well through weekly check-ins on this very blog.

  • Engage more with people, not things: The holidays provided many opportunities for this, but that's kind-of-cheating, wouldn't you agree? :)

  • Blogging more: I did a few blog posts in November. Expect more of this in December.

  • Getting out of debt: Still slowly chipping away at the mountain.

  • Supporting creators in sustainable ways: Patreon and Liberapay seem to be the way that I can move forward on this. I'm still trying to support musicians on Bandcamp as well. I'm sure there's more that I can do but I haven't taken more time to find them.

  • Physical health: I need to give this more attention. At the moment no progress to report.

  • Kindness: This past month we released a Code of Conduct for Pepper&Carrot. The discussions gave me some practice on trying to be kind. But this is definitely an area that needs more focus.

  • Mindfulness: I've been meditating every day this month, but once the meditation ends I'm not finding myself being terribly mindful. Part of that is just the stress of the day, and part of it is a feeling of falling behind in what I want / need to accomplish. I'm looking to allocate more time to do more deep work, and also commit myself to focused learning (Django) and writing (Pepper&Carrot RPG).