Django Training, check in weeks one and two

It's been a few weeks since the beginning of the month and I wanted to check in with the progress of my Django training. Unfortunately the first week was rather rough for me as I felt like everything had to be done all at once. I didn't make any time for learning, and I got more and more frustrated with myself for not making the time. So I figured the best way to make this a habit was to have a trigger. The best trigger I could come up with was to do a 10 minute learning container before I say down for work. This may seem silly, but it's been remarkable how much progress I've made. I'm working through the book "Django for Beginners" and have made it into the chapter on forms. I'm really pleased, not only with my progress, but that I've been able to stick with it and not let myself get down.

I'm learning that it's not enough just to have the intention to do something, but there also needs to be the space made for that intention to happen. By saying "there will be a 10 minute container before I work" I made the space for this to happen.

I'm wondering where else I can extend this way of thinking. I know this worked for me when I wrote and edited "The Mediocre Programmer" but I've managed to get out of that pattern. Perhaps I need to start that again.