Learning Django Checking In: 2019-03-05

I managed to complete the REST APIs with Django book this evening. I'm really pleased with bot the Django for Beginners book and the REST APIs with Django book simply because they're some of the best written books I've read. I can't say enough good things about these books. I didn't feel frustrated while learning and the books gave me insights into how to work with Django that I enjoyed. I can't wait for the Django for Professionals book (which apparently is coming out on April 1st) since that seems to cover the eCommerce piece that I haven't explored yet.

I'm going to spend the next few weeks tackling Godot (I put in a presentation request for a conference to present Godot, and I have yet to learn it. No pressure!). But I have to say that I've really enjoyed taking 10 minutes out each day to learn. I've been finding some amazing results while doing some form of daily consistent practice, whether that's reading, journaling, programming, or writing). I wish I had taken up this challenge earlier. But I'm grateful that the insight came now rather than never showing up at all.

Hoping to keep up the practice, and looking forward to picking up more Django and other topics in the coming months.