Think Like a Game Designer challenge: Day 3

Had some evening stuff so didn't get a chance to read any more but I've committed to doing design and design I shall. Here's an "as it occurs to me" list of game ideas.

  1. A game about managing a junk yard and trying to turn some of that trash into treasure
  2. A game using dice as pieces (I tried one of these before but it didn't work. That doesn't mean that I wouldn't like another go at it)
  3. A game about programming and the joys of programming. ;)
  4. A game about trying to keep a ship afloat while it's sinking (see the programming game above)
  5. A game where the players are trying to keep balls on a table using ping pong paddles.
  6. A game where are running a game store and trying to stay afloat.
  7. A game about procrastination and trying to get the most important things done in a day without succumbing to procrastination.
  8. A game called AEIOU where you are presented words without vowels and try to make as many words as possible with those letters.
  9. A trivia game called nostalgia where you try to determine what year something was release, when it became popular (the first time) and when it went out of favor.
  10. A game called "what if" which has various prompts that can be answered with how you might have done something differently (could be an interesting solo game, though I think this one already exists?)

Will do some more reading tomorrow.