Think Like a Game Designer challenge: Day 4

I didn't do any more reading as of when I'm writing this (a lull before people show up for our weekly meet-up), so I'm going to once again assail you with 10 more ideas.

  1. A game about meeting people for the first time
  2. A game about trying to find a space in a crowded coffee shop
  3. A game about making time for important things in your life (akin to the procrastination game from last posting)
  4. A game about running a convention and all of the things that can go horribly wrong
  5. A game about a battle of the bands style competition
  6. A game about not mixed messages and communication (delayed communication)
  7. A game about flipping a coin to tell a story
  8. A game where everybody is a clone of Abraham Lincoln called "Emancipate This" (no, I don't know where this came from either)
  9. A game about horrible puns
  10. A game about identity and influence