Think Like a Game Designer challenge: Day 5

I need to really sit down and understand why I haven't made the time to read any more of this book. I think I'm running into that fear and uncertainty resistance that I've been reading about. Even as I'm typing this I'm feeling my stomach clench in fear. Need to investigate those feelings some more.

Anywho, here's the list for today:

  1. A game about "altering the bargain" where folks take a current "bargain" and alter it until it is completely unpalatable. Yes, this is based off of the phrase in "The Empire Strikes Back": "I am altering the deal, pray I don't alter it any further".
  2. A game about making peace with a part of you that was part of your identity but is no longer true.
  3. A game about impostor syndrome
  4. A game about being wrong on the Internet
  5. A minimalistic game about minimalism (and no, it wouldn't just be an empty box)
  6. A game about kindness to a broken robot
  7. A sandbox game about epic quests (which is pretty much Return of the Heroes, but I really love that game)
  8. A game about allowing yourself to fail and keep trying
  9. A game about trying to reunite a band that has broken up that doesn't want to be reunited
  10. A game about creating impossible drum patterns called "Stewart Copeland"