One thing that I've found when trying to change my habits is that I really thrive when there's some form of accountability. Accountability is when someone checks in on you to ensure that you're sticking with your new habit. The habit that I've been working on is trying to give myself some creativity space (at least 10 minutes) where i can work on my projects. Both of the projects that I'm working on (The Mediocre Programmer and The Pepper&Carrot Fate based RPG) have their home on Framagit, so I am going to use the interface for displaying whether I have made a commit or not as my habit tracker.

You can help out by checking my progress on Framagit and hold me accountable to my practice. My ideal is that I won't break the chain of having at least one commit per day. If I miss one day then that's OK, but if I miss two days I will feel you silently (or otherwise) shaming me. You can contact me via my about page to let me know that you noticed.

I might open this up to other avenues in my life that I'm currently tracking, but for now this will be enough to keep me from missing out.

I'm counting on you to keep me accountable. Thanks!