Designing a Well Lived Life: Checking In (June 2020)

Checking in for June for my "Designing a Well-Lived Life" blogging. This is about making small changes during the year to make larger changes.

  • Dropping expectations: I didn't really practice with this over the past month. I think it's a combination of not having the expectations and being more adept at relaxing the expectations. Need to notice this more.

  • Physical Health: Ho boy. I haven't really practiced with this at all. I need to give this more focus.

  • Writing more: I did more blogging, and have been working on the Pepper&Carrot RPG most days. I'm going to call this a win for now.

  • Programming more: I think I did more fretting about game programming than actual programming this past month. This gets a bit to dropping expectations, especially the expectation of doing some remarkable programming and not having the foggiest how to do it. Going to take this next month to just practice with Godot development and see where this lands.

  • Mindfulness: Some days I'm more mindful than others. Some days I've been able to refocus myself on the task at hand. Still more practice to do.

  • Decluttering: Made some more progress with this over the past month. I actually had periods where I did some serious decluttering and it felt great. Need to practice with this more, but pleased with the progress.

  • Deeper work: Some days are great, and some days aren't so great. Some days I'm totally in the flow and other days I'm barely able to keep up. I think my major challenge is figuring out how to best harness the days where I'm going to be able to go deeper and recognize the days where I'm going to have a tougher time and be gentle with my frustrations about not being able to go deeper.

  • Getting out of debt: Making better progress with this. Actually am working on not spending money on Kickstarter and allocating more money toward paying off credit cards. Still a slow process, but a necessary one.

June felt difficult for me, in part because of the dichotomy between the fantasy that we were getting back to normal and the reality that we're nowhere near normal. I think that's part of why I've been focusing more on work, decluttering, and what's next. I definitely want to explore more game design and game programming and have been mentally preparing myself for this. More to come in future posts.