Letting go to regain focus on what's important

I've been on a decluttering kick lately trying to clear out some space for me to focus on the things that matter to me (game development, deeper understanding of computers, game design, etc.). I've noticed that what I've been putting my time into hasn't been any of these things so I've been curious why that is. I think part of that is the distractions that I've given myself (lots of videos to watch, lots of podcasts to listen to, lots of RSS feeds to read, etc.), so I've been going through and really questioning what's on my shelves and in my feeds. I'm starting to peel away at things that I know I'm not going to do anything with (or have in another format) to make room for the items that I really want in my life. It's not that these things don't have value (some of them have some value to me) but that I need to make room for things that are more important and more valuable to me and make space to give them room to grow. I'm also understanding the purpose of why these things are in my life and asking if that's still true. Things like books on Celtic mythology: why are they there and do they still need to be there. I've also wanted to add more reading to my diet so I'm cutting out podcasts in favor of audio books. I'm also monitoring what I'm reading and knocking out a lot of the self-help books that I've mentioned prior. Will check in to see how my progress is and if it helps me to work on the things that are important or if I'm finding there's other reasons for my avoidance.