RIAA, you did it again

Apparently the RIAA can't help but step in it. They took down the Github repo (via a DMCA claim) for the program youtube-dl. I'm sure they believe that the only reason that such a program would exist is so that people can listen to music without properly paying them for it. Horror of horrors.

If you need a list of RIAA members they have a helpful membership list on their website.

I removed a bunch of recordings from my Amazon wishlist (which, apparently nobody at Amazon ever has a wishlist more than a dozen items, because TALK ABOUT SLOWING DOWN THE BROWSER TO A CRAWL. Sheesh!).

Also I'm saddened that releases from Unique Leader Records, Metal Blade and more needed to come off of my lists. Those are the breaks, I guess.

The last time the RIAA engaged with their war on the Internet I stopped buying their stuff for 4+ years. Let's hope that I don't have to break that record.2