The Mother of All Demos release

Today I got word that my entry into the GUMSHOE Community Contest didn't win. I'm not entirely surprised. Part of the reason I chose time travel was because it seemed the best fit for where my mind currently is. Pelgrane Press graciously left the door open for folks to continue to polish their entries and release them under the Community Content program, but instead I'm offering this entry to anyone who wants to take it and run with it. I realize now that what I had was loosely a game and more set-dressing for something that could be integrated into a game (I barely even mention Timewatch in the rules, and have only one loose tie-in to an investigative ability. Talk about missing the plot! I thought I'd incorporated some rules on noticing accounting irregularities, but apparently that didn't make it into the final draft. Mea culpa!)

You can find the text and a PDF version on GitHub: The Mother of All Demos.

I'm grateful for this contest though because like I said in the meditations on failure post, this was more about the feedback and putting myself into this discomfort than the actual results. I now know I can push myself into writing something like this in the future and now know what to expect. That's valuable feedback.

I hope you enjoy this setting. If you find it useful then please drop me a line and let me know.