Metatopia 2020: Thank you!

This weekend I attended the online version of Metatopia 2020. Metatopia a multi-day event (this year it started on Thursday and went until Sunday) centered around tabletop game design, development, and appreciation. I recognized many names from Google+ (RIP) and found the whole experience refreshing and energizing. The most important takeaway I had from Metatopia though was that every single one of these games is put together by people. I know that sounds weird, but it was this realization that these folks who were on panels and in the Discord Channels are the folks that help make these games possible. Listening to their triumphs, struggles, advice, failures, and anecdotes was enlightening for my amateur game designer mind. It helped connect me with why I was doing this stuff in the first place, and why I fell in love with the RPG community on G+ (RIP). Hopefully I can maintain some of this energy throughout the rest of the year.

I highly recommend this event for anyone who is remotely curious about building RPGs. The community is incredibly welcoming and supportive (one of the most popular channels in the Discord is "The Crying Couch" where folks can support each other).

I think (technology willing) that all of the videos were recorded so I'm looking forward to watching the ones that I missed and re-watching the ones that I found so invigorating.

Thank you again, Double Exposure, for putting together this incredible event and for making it a perfect online event. Looking forward to participating in the future.