Uncorking ideas

There's nothing quite like talking out a design with someone else. I posted my previous article about Advice for the aspiring game designer to the Metatopia Discord, and Klil H. Neori took a look at the previous article about Thoughts on my own game design and we got talking about the design for the game that I want to write. At that moment I started feeling like this could work, and that my own instincts for what I wanted to highlight in the game were valid enough to give them a try. It got me thinking about how we tend to think of design as a solo act, in part because we're taught to come up with our own ideas (despite our culture literally being built on others ideas). Finding supportive communities of others who can help bounce ideas around is a huge win. It helps us uncork the "could it work?" ideas to give them that extra little kick to make them reality. Now I'm working on what I want others to explore with this game. Maybe it will be something big or maybe it'll be a small series pitch. Who knows? All I know is that this version of the game will get some more life thanks to someone asking about it. Thank you.