Pepper&Carrot Fate Accelerated request for help

I'm looking for folks who have expert Fate Accelerated eyes (and a passing familiarity with the comic Pepper&Carrot at to take a look at an incredibly rough-draft of an RPG that I've been building for Pepper&Carrot using Fate Accelerated.

You can view the game rules and look at the source and issue tracker on Framagit. You can also find a copy on

What I am looking for:

  1. Does the magic system fit the world described? Magic in Hereva is plentiful, and is essentially our Physics. It is cheap but requires Rea, which is the effort into making a spell work. I wanted to reflect that in the magic system, so I'm hoping that came across.
  2. Do the Stunts make sense for the world described?
  3. What else should be added in the core book? I'm hoping to create a book that folks who are familiar and unfamiliar with both Pepper&Carrot and Fate Accelerated can pick up and play. There's obvious issues with the layout and issues with the ordering of chapters, and missing content related to creatures and what to do once in this world, but with this scaffolding in place what more would you like to explore in this world?

Please feel free to ping me here, on the framagit repo, or via the email address on my About page.

Thank you for reading this far, and for your indulgence in helping an amateur designer with low Fate experience get better at this. :)