Message in a bottle: Issue with Arris Modem

(Since it seems that the only way to get any kind of deep technical support is to post things online in the hopes that someone will pick up said message I put this message into my proverbial bottle in the hopes that someone at Arris will receive it. I tried to send this to my ISP via email but apparently we can't have nice things like email any more. Thanks, spammers!)

I have discovered a repeatable bug with the Arris Modem I have. This is with the following firmware:


I was wondering if someone might forward the following as a bug report to the Arris folks in hopes of having them investigate and resolve the following issue.

The issue is that if the modem is placed into bridged mode and then loses power for whatever reason then the modem becomes completely unresponsive. It no longer passes any traffic (DHCP included) and connections to time out.

The only way to get the modem to respond is to perform a factory reset and put the modem back into bridged mode. Nothing else that I have tried will get the modem to wake back up.

Hopefully they can replicate the issue and send out a patch for this bug. I've put my modem on a UPS to prevent power outages to it as much as possible but I just re-noticed this issue when cleaning up behind my networked goodies.

Thank you so much!