Designing a Well Lived Life: Checking In (March 2022)

Checking in for March for my "Designing a Well-Lived Life" blogging. This is about making small changes during the year to make larger changes.

  • Focus on health: I've been really focused on my health lately with my cancer treatments. Unfortunately that hasn't spilled over into areas like exercise (though we did do some more walking outside than in previous months). I'm using my standing desk more, but getting away from the desk is a little difficult. Will focus on this more in April. I did get myself a pitcher to get more water into my system. One thing that chemo does is dry you out something fierce. The only downside is that now the nascent kidney stones that have lay dormant have decided to make themselves known again. Whee!

  • Complete my game design projects to allow others to enjoy them: Pretty much hit a wall on these. I'm hoping to bring them back to the fore-front, but as of now they're hanging out in my periphery, silently shaming me for not working on them.

  • Do more non-work programming and chase my "white whales": This has received most of my attention this past month. I've re-ignited my love of the Atari ST and other Motorola 68000-based machines like the Neo Geo, Sega Genesis / Mega Drive, and the Atari Jaguar. Hoping to do more programming with this while the fire is still hot.

  • Be more mindful and focused in my day-to-day activities: I've found myself wanting more distractions as of late. Part of this is that I don't get out much, what with the treatments and (waves hands at a pandemic that is still out there). So I've found myself spending more time online. Working n re-focusing myself and giving my projects the attention they deserve.

  • Add more joy into my life, either with games, reading, or other relaxing activities: See the Motorola 68000 programming. Also looking at a lot of emulated games.

  • Allow myself to do more with less (distractions, acquisition, commitments, etc.): Did OK with this. Distractions are pretty high, but I've been more aware of what I'm spending my money on. There have been a few moments of weakness, and a few moments of "I need to fix this" but overall I'm considering this one a win.

  • Notice when I'm overwhelmed and let go as much as I can: I'm finding myself letting go of a lot lately. My lists are a mess, my non-email inboxes are stuffed, and my attention is scattershot. I've been working on giving myself the break as much as I can, but I'm wondering if I'm going too far with this at times.

  • Declutter: Made some progress with this. At the very least I've gotten rid of a few things. Need to give this more focus.

  • Continue removing debt: Doing better with this. Working on paying down our debts and keeping an ample cushion to prevent us falling into the same traps.

Overall not a bad month, but feeling like my energy isn't too hot. That's partly the chemo treatments I'm having, but also the sameness of most days. Most days are pretty routine, and my routines don't have a lot of clean-up and refocusing to them. Need to adapt them more.