Steady as she goes

Tomorrow I begin round 4 of chemotherapy. So far things have been going well. My side effects have been minimal (knock on IKEA) and the folks administering the drugs have been outstanding. I couldn't ask for a better team of folks to help me with my cancer treatments. There's still more to go, but I'm optimistic that things will work themselves out as much as they can. My attitude through all of this is to keep worry at bay and just keep things going as steady as they can. I've noticed myself being tired, but that's also in part because my sleep schedule still hasn't adjusted since the DST change-over (though it's getting better). I'm just being mindful of what my body is telling me because my body is doing interesting things (I could tell tales, but I'd rather not go too far into details).

Sp, steady as she goes. Let's do this thing.