Why I blog about my cancer journey

Ever since I learned about my cancer diagnosis I've been feeling uncertain and a little scared about what the future would bring me. One of the ways that I relieve some of that tension (or at least explore it) is to blog about it. Part of this is to share some of my feelings, but part of it is also help anyone who might also be struggling with what I'm struggling with. Cancer is pretty scary for most folks so sharing our journeys can help remove some of that fear and let folks know they're not alone with what they're going through. I want to be open and honest with what is happening with me. If this somehow bites me in the ass then so be it. I want others to feel like they can share that they have a disease without having to feel like they need to hide it from potential employers, family members, or whomever might find such frank discussion to be a red flag that you're somehow unworthy of whatever they have to give. Our stories are what binds us together, and I'm more than happy to share my story as much as I can. I feel fortunate that I can share my stories of my journey thus far and I hope to do so for many posts to come. Also if you have questions about my journey thus far please feel free to get in contact with me either through social media or email or any of the other methods on my "contact" page. I've learned a lot from this journey and I've only just begun. One of the things I value in my heroes is frank open honesty with few things held back. I hope that my blogging about this with frank open honestly will help you with whatever is ailing you, whether that's cancer or some other ailment that's befallen you. We're all in this together, so we'd best make the most of it.