10 minutes a day challenge

I'm finding myself falling behind on my meaningful work (falling behind meaning I'm not doing much with it at all), so I've decided that starting Monday and going until Halloween (10/31) that I'll commit to doing 10 minutes per day of work on my meaningful work. That means setting a timer, working for at least 10 minutes, and closing out the session. This can be anything related to my meaningful work (studying code, programming, drafting up ideas, etc.) as long as it's related to my meaningful work. No weaseling around with things that are meaningful-work-adjacent.

If I win I have my eye on a boxed-set of Oscar Peterson's "Exclusively For My Friends" (I have the first album on vinyl and it's absolutely sublime). That'll be my reward should I succeed.

If I fail I need something that's the inverse of sublime for me. That's country music. I'll stream myself listening to Soma.fm's "Boot Liquor" (though not streaming the music itself, but you can play it at home for free if you wish). It's not that Soma.fm is bad (they're actually stellar and you should check them out), it's that country music is the equivalent of musical burlap underwear: it's irritating to me on all counts. The particulars will be determined should I fail (spoiler: I have every incentive not to fail).

So that's the challenge. I'll post updates on my social media each day (see below for links), and a weekly summary here (just to ensure that I don't overflow this blog with too many status updates).

Looking forward to this challenge and to listening to the sublime playing of Oscar Peterson. Wish me luck!