Irradiated butt

So it looks like my butt will be officially irradiated on the week of 10/10 (Hey Europeans, finally you can stop whining about month-first dates. :) ). On Friday apparently they do pre-flight checks to make sure everything is ready for bake-off. This is going to be an interesting experience for me as I've never had any course of radiation before, so learning about how this works and what to expect is interesting to me.

I feel like I've finally shaken some of the exhaustion, so I'm working on getting as many things as I can done before the radiation. One of the big side-effects is exhaustion, so I'm also working with my current habits to maximize my awake-time before I'm dragged into asleep-time again.

Unfortunately because of the time-frame of starting radiation this puts back my schedule a bit. I'm still holding on to the middle-of-December for my surgery but it's looking more like it'll be near the end of December. More as I know it.

So yeah, that's the story thus far. Ever onward.