Radiation complete. Now, we wait.

Yesterday I finished my fifth round of short-course radiation treatment. This is to make sure that my rectal tumor stays at bay while also killing off one of my lymph nodes that has succumbed to cancer. When I left they gave me a little certificate:

Certificate of completion of my radiation program with the names of the folks who treated me: Kerry, Ryan, Allie, and Melissa

I was pretty taken-aback by this. It was cute and a very sweet gesture.

I told JoDee that I got a certificate for graduating. One of the gentlemen in the lobby said "congratulations". I flushed, and said "thank you" and babbled some other things. It really feels like I've become part of a cancer community. It wasn't a membership I sought, but it's one that I'll gladly accept.

Now we wait for follow-up, CT Scan, and the final determination of whether I'll be having surgery in November. I'm pretty much thinking that surgery will happen, but at this point it's anybody's guess.

More to come as I know it.