Side Effects

I'm currently sitting in the chemo chair getting juiced up with the latest cocktail to handle my cancer. This is the start of the next 12 rounds of chemo for me. One thing that I've been thinking about today is side effects. One of the medications I'm receiving has the side effect of diarrhea, which is a common one for all of the medications that I've been receiving. The other ones are things like fatigue, nausea, and things that I've been experiencing now for a bit. I'm not looking forward to facing those again. But side effects are not a guaranteed thing, they are just things that folks have noticed while on these drugs. They're not the main attraction (that's the intended purpose of the drug) but they're things that could happen. That got me thinking of things that have unintended benefits or unintended consequences. How many things we think are perfectly safe but have some form of unintended effects. It'll be interesting to explore this in future posts.