Ever since I went back on chemo I've been feeling a little scattershot. Part of this is because of the side effects that I was given at my last chemo round. The side effects seemed like more of the same, only worse (If you really want to find out more, look up the drug "Camptosar"). Plus I'm not sure what is on the other side of the dozen chemo treatments that are ahead of me. That and I'm not looking forward to the exhaustion that I felt with the previous rounds.

I've got a lot of things floating around in my mind at the moment.

Fortunately I have a great support network. My job is being amazing to help me sort things out, JoDee is amazing, and I'm blessed with friends and family that are helping me through this.

And that's helped me to re-center myself on what is important and bring myself back to basics. Just taking each day, one at a time, doing the best I can, and not worrying about an uncertain future that I can't control.

Oddly enough that's a very liberating thought.