The Mediocre Programmer: Now in Spanish

I'm delighted to announce that my book, The Mediocre Programmer is now available with a Spanish Translation by VictorHck. I've long admired the Pepper&Carrot for folks willingness to translate the comic into other languages (which is made possible by the liberal Creative Commons By-Attribution License). Having VictorHck's translation (released under the same Creative Commons By-Share-Alike license as the original) fills me with joy because it means this book, this project, will have a life of its own outside of my own publishing. Folks will be able to use it in ways I would never have considered and could scarcely fathom when creating it.

To me that's a beautiful thing, and I'm grateful to Victorhck for giving me a chance to experience that.

You can find the translation here: Spanish Translation (Spanish Translation Repo).