Designing a Well Lived Life: Checking In (2022 December)

Checking in for 2022 for my "Designing a Well-Lived Life" blogging. This is about making small changes during the year to make larger changes.

Doing this a little early as I finished up my Sacred Bow for 2022 and wanted to get my intentions for 2023 out there. Wow. Where has the year gone?

  • Focus on health (exercise, eating, stress): Haven't given this much attention outside of dealing with my cancer diagnosis this year. That's become one of my full-time jobs.

  • Complete my game design projects to allow others to enjoy them: I made one game this year (The Unnamed Cat Game) but worked on several others. Hoping to continue work on them in 2023.

  • Do more non-work programming and chase my "white whales": Found my joy with programming for the Atari 8bit machines so am going to focus more on this in the coming year. Might do some more with the Atari ST as I've fallen in love with this machine as well. And the Sinclair Spectrum has a siren-song for me as well.

  • Be more mindful and focused in my day-to-day activities: Been doing OK with this, but am going to let this go as an intention for 2023. I know what I need to do, and I know what benefits it gives me. Now the hard part is execution. That will come with practice for my other tasks.

  • Add more joy into my life, either with games, reading, or other relaxing activities: Didn't do a while lot with this, but am going to continue that in 2023.

  • Allow myself to do more with less (distractions, acquisition, commitments, etc.): I've been pretty lax in this area. While I'm not going to directly focus on this in 2023 it's going to be part of my practice.

  • Notice when I'm overwhelmed and let go as much as I can: I did OK with this. That said, I'm going to let this slide for 2023 as it's become ingrained in me. We'll see how it lasts.

  • Declutter: Made some major progress this year, but there is way more to do. This will get focus in 2023.

  • Continue removing debt: Major progress this year. I'm down to one credit card with major debt on it. Going to continue focusing on this for 2023.

Here's what I'm focusing on in 2023:

  • Release Phosphors in the Dark: This is my interactive storyworld that I'm working on and will be my primary focus for the year.

  • Learn more programming for the Atari machines to get more comfortable creating for them: I'm going to dive deep into these machines in the coming year.

  • Finish up or hand-off the Pepper&Carrot RPG: This has laid dormant for far too long. I've been dusting the Daruma that I bought for this project for years. Time to give it more attention.

  • Update the Pepper&Carrot Wiki: This has also laid dormant for far too long.

  • Write / Blog more about what's going on: I'm looking to continue blogging in the new year. I'm also looking to expand this into some more personal things and stories that I feel the statute of limitations has run out.

  • Hang up my hangups - allow myself to be more creative and playful: Going to give this some attention. I keep blocking myself from having fun and being creative because there's "things to do". Time to make this a priority.

  • Work on getting more healthy and as cancer-free as possible: Evergreen.

  • Meditate: Going to start this practice up again. I let it slide as of late and I'm hoping to pick it up again.

  • Declutter our spaces so they represent who we are, not who we were: Continuation from 2022.

  • Relax my frustrations and be more accepting of things as they are: Frustration is how I express my feelings of overwhelm and anger. It's been a constant companion with me and it's gotten me into trouble as of late. I need to relax more.

  • Maintain tootstream or hand it off to someone who can: Another thing that has gone by the wayside. Either I need to step up or step back. Going to try that in order and see what happens.

  • Continue removing debt Continuation of 2022.

Here's to better times ahead.