I'm currently sitting at my desk looking at the physical inbox there. On my computer is the digital inbox for things like PDFs, scans, and other detritus of the day. My email is the only inbox that isn't overflowing, but that's because I'm obsessive about it.

I'm feeling behind already and the year hasn't even made it to 14 days yet.

But that's not necessarily a bad thing. I'm sitting here processing this inbox and handling things as they surface. Most of it is junk or little reminders of things that I need or want to do. They'll get done eventually or they'll age out. Projects will get worked on as I have the energy to do so. I haven't written in my journal for several days or blogged as much as I thought I would. My task lists are starting to overflow.

And that's OK.

Feeling behind is just a feeling. It's like feeling cold or feeling angry. It's just a feeling. It doesn't require me to get consumed by it, it just is. And I can treat it like any other feeling. I can dwell on it being cold or I can endure it. I can also get a hoodie and make it stop. That's on me. It has nothing to do with the reality of the situation.

Eventually I won't feel behind. But for now I'll relish that feeling and use that to motivate me to not be behind.