2023-04-14 Check-in

Going to do a round-up post of this week and the things that are on my mind at the moment.

  • For most of the week things have been pretty steady with the angry god that is my stomach. Unfortunately yesterday it seems all hell broke loose. I tried not taking any Imodium on Wednesday and that seemed to work, but on Thursday all hell broke loose. So, I'm back on team Imodium for a bit until my stomach finds peace and contentment again. This morning it was literally like Robocop's "You have three seconds to comply" ultimatum.
  • According to the Informed Delivery by USPS I'm getting a letter today about my disability. I have a feeling it's more of the "we've received your application" level of notice but unsure of its contents. Will know more when the letter is in my hot little hands. I get to practice with uncertainty today. Woo woo!
  • This week has been one of figuring out what's necessary and what's true. I had a rant on The Fediverse about board games. I'm finding that I've really fallen out of love with them. I mentioned this back in 2021 but my feelings have become even more aggressive. I'm starting to put a premium on removing things from our shelves that aren't really necessary and finding new homes for things. I literally had one of those floor-to-ceiling laminated shelving units filled up with Bankers Boxes of Board Games (say that fast five times). They were stacked in there four boxes wide, with a box 2/3rds the width taking up the difference. Imagine five rows of these. All of those boxes had board games in them. No more. I've whittled it down to about two shelves of them and even those aren't 100% board games (some are RPGs, some are CDs, and so on). I'm finding that the ones that have survived are more abstract games or games that can be easily repurposed into other games. I almost put my copy of Duell on the chopping block until I realized it had a 9x9 board that I could repurpose to play other games with Pyramid pieces (Oshi in particular). So, it got a stay of execution. (Plus it's a game that came from my great-grandmother's place. I have no idea how it got there. Perhaps Grandma was an abstract gamer before it was cool. She was definitely cool before it was cool. Who can say?)
  • I'm still figuring out this "retirement" thing. Next week is chemo so I'll be pretty wiped throughout but I'm starting to piece together what sorts of games and interactive storyworlds I want to create. I just had an idea about this while sitting here drafting this sentence. I'll need to flesh that out to see what's there.
  • I've really taken to Decluttering as of late. I think part of it is the giant mess in our basement and part of it is the feeling that eventually this stuff will have another reckoning, whether that's through a rushed move or what-have-you. I need to do what I can now to get this stuff to where it needs to go so we can fly as lightly as possible.

More as I know it.