So, um,

As of April 14th my application for Social Security Disability Insurance has been approved.

I'm literally gobsmacked. I didn't expect to see any movement about this for months, let alone weeks.

I was fully expecting to have to fight tooth-and-nail for this. So many folks I've talked to and seen online had nothing but horror stories about their trouble getting disability. I was expecting it to take at least two denials and the pleading of counsel to get through.

All I can say is get the help of a lawyer or have someone fluent in navigating the disability system help you.

Mine got expedited because of the Compassionate Care Allowance. I didn't think I qualified because my primary cancer is rectal cancer (not on the list) but apparently it is. Again, get someone who is fluent in this process to guide you. You will second-guess yourself and overanalyze the forms, at least if you're anything like me. Get someone who can not only listen but also be objective to help you.

I'm still in shock and awe over this. It felt like I was stepping into the abyss and casting fate in to the wind. I didn't expect a soft landing at all. I'm still cautious (the government works at scale, and unfortunately things can happen writ large that can affect folks in unpredictable ways) but I'm now more optimistic than ever about my condition.

To interesting times ahead.