Checking in: 2023-04-17

Checking in: last week my intention was to narrow my focus on what is driving me and give that some space to play around. I made some progress in this arena. Part of that was finding out that my disability insurance was approved (hurray!). I wasn't going to worry about it because there wasn't anything more I could do to move forward on this project (I even put the whole disability project into my someday/maybe lists because I wasn't sure if there was anything to be done in the next six months, let alone one). It also feels a little validating for moving into the direction of game design and interactive storytelling. One of my biggest concerns for becoming a full-time game designer was not having any income. Unless you have a major hit or a string of minor hits it can be hard to make a living as a game designer. I've struggled with this for many years. It's kind of sick to say this, but cancer has helped make that a reality. Because I can't make any money I can explore this area and play around in it.

This week is a chemo week so my main focus is to to honor the energy I have this week. My main intentions will be to do some more research on the early computing industry (I still think there is a story there that needs telling). I've also been thinking about learning more about the Atari 2600 machine (the book Making Games for the Atari 2600 hasn't left my read and review pile quite yet). I've also got some work to do on a very neglected wiki for Pepper&Carrot and subsequent game design there.