Decided to take some time out to think about what I was going to focus on this week. It's a chemo week so deep work isn't really possible. I figured I'd revisit an old friend, Assembly Language on the Atari 400/800 home computers. I had been learning about the Atari 2600 (and it's still a major interest for me ) but the Atari 400/800 are a little more chill to learn (primarily because you're not relying on a lot of tricks to make them work as much as you are with the Atari 2600). So I'm going to gently reintroduce myself to 6502 assembly language (which I've been working with for a bit now, but I've forgotten a few things along the way.

We'll see how this goes. The main point is that it shouldn't feel like I'm trying to cram too much into my chemo-brain at once.