I've noticed that I'm spending more time on social media as of late. I know this because I have a routine where every-so-often I'll go through my Mastodon accounts and revoke any open sessions. I do this so I'll have to consciously log in the next time. I've noticed several sessions open on the various servers that I'm on. That means I've not been as diligent in logging myself out.

I've also noticed it in my lists and how I'm engaging with them. I've noticed several days that I haven't even looked at my lists. Some days that's OK: I'm pretty clear on what I'm working on. Other days it means that I'm not even paying attention.

I'm distracted.

I need to work more on bringing myself back to being focused on my work. But I've also noticed that I'm not using Getting Things Done (GTD) as much as I used to. I even deleted / donated the GTD books. I've moved a little more towards the Zen to Done methodology, which doesn't emphasize the 20k-50k "horizons of focus" that GTD has. I don't really need those anymore; my "goals" are simple and plain. My intentions are simple and plain. I don't need a list to tell me that one of my goals is "beat cancer" or that my areas of focus include "cat". I'm pretty clear on those.

I think the main thing that I've been struggling with is focus. I'm still working out what my morning / daily routines are. Unfortunately I've adopted a few bad habits: read email first, look at social media, and just putter through the rest of the morning. I know what I need to change there but it hasn't felt as pressing. Perhaps giving it more attention and focus will help with that.

I want to make this time count. I'm noticing old patterns creeping back in and I want to let those go so I can work on the things that are more important. Going to keep practicing with this to figure out how to best keep those distracting feelings at bay.