Checking in: 2023-04-20

Yesterday was chemo round 11/12. Most of the day was sitting in a chair getting pumped up with chemicals. It's interesting to me to think about how routine this is. It's also interesting how much like an extended family the folks at Cancer Care Associates are. The nurses, medical assistants, phlebotomists, and doctors are all the nicest, sweetest, most caring folks I've ever known in the medical profession. I feel like I can be myself there, which is not usually the case (my primary care physician of 10 years is a notable exception). Much like real family you don't (necessarily) get to choose them, but you can choose how to be with them.

(I'd list them all by name but I fear I'd insult someone by omission. So I'll demur to "if you're reading this at CCA know that the above applies fully and unconditionally".)

Yesterday I found the bed soon after my treatment. My emotional support kitten, Pixel, was on the bed as well. We chilled for a bit, and this time I even got in some naps.

I did Coffee House Coders last night, even though I was pretty tired. It's weird because I'm usually an introvert, but when I'm leading a meeting I start becoming more extroverted. By the end of the meeting I was ready to wrestle a bear. That quickly shifted when I got up and felt like someone had once again turned up the gravity. The bear will have to wait another day for its chance.

I also heard a strange noise in the house. It sounded like a jackhammer. It wasn't constant (short rhythmic bursts) but it was consistent for a bit. I thought it was the plumbing at first. I'd hear it throughout the day and couldn't pinpoint it. I wasn't sure if it was coming from the neighbors or the nearby roads, I didn't see anything that looked like folks doing work so I remained puzzled. This morning I realized (after some careful triangulation with my ear-holes) it sounded like it was coming from our fireplace. I realized it was likely a woodpecker. Sure enough, when I went outside this time I saw the little culprit zoom away. I didn't catch it in the act, but the signs were obvious. We got a good chuckle out of that one.

Project-wise I spent some time looking at Atari Assembler while doing chemo. Going to see if I can learn more and get my feet wet with some of my own designs.

More as I know it.