Checking in: 2023-05-08

Checking in for 2023-05-08:

My intention for this past week was to focus on the semi-social challenge and notice what comes up for me during this challenge. This has been my strangest challenge yet. I decided that working on Tootstream was a permitted use of social media. The results speak for themselves. I did a bunch of work on Tootstream in order to shape up the client (I spent most of Saturday working on this from morning until night). That's astounding to me. I didn't anticipate me getting as far along as I did on this project. I'm now thinking that I want to clean up the code and get it ready for a proper release. There's something to be said for "dogfooding.

I'm still noticing when I want to pull myself into social media and when that's permissible and not just me trying to run away. It's still challenging, but I'm finding that using the time to focus on making things better instead of just whining on the internet to be helpful.

I'm not sure what to make my intention for this week. I have some designs that feel like they need some focus so I'm looking to give more attention to them. I'm still in shock of what I can accomplish when I give it focus, even if it's just lateral focus. Perhaps my intention should be to just focus on what it is that I'm working on and let the rest of the world fade away. That's always an evergreen topic for me.

Ever onward.