Semi-Social check-in: updates and tweaks

I think I'm going to update my "semi-social" challenge. I just spent the morning and part of the afternoon updating Tootstream to make it more functional for me. Part of this is lingering guilt for leaving it so long and part of it is that I'm getting excited for making the project start to sing again. There's a lot of functionality that has been missing in Tootstream, and I'm finding that adding this functionality is actually kinda fun.

So I'll be spending the rest of my "semi-social" challenge working on Tootstream functionality. I'm hoping to have at least one release out of this (though it might be several).

I've found that I tend to focus more when using Tootstream. It's a fine client for just dipping in and getting back out, which is the kind of focus that I need at the moment. I don't need a lot of images or moving streams; I just need to get in and get out.

I'm going to keep playing wit this challenge to see where this all leads. It's been a fascinating journey thus far.