Checking in: 2023-05-05

Checking in for 2023-05-05.

  • I'm still practicing with my "semi-social" challenge, but I'm finding that I'm turning to social media more for comfort when I'm tired. I haven't ingrained the habit to look for other means of comfort. I'm also finding that the time schedule isn't really working for me in part because I'll either be doing something else, or I'm not in a position to really take advantage of it. This has lead to me sliding into either reading social media earlier or later than the allotted time. Worse, I've picked up the habit of reading social media right before bed. I need to play with this some more and figure out how best to thread this needle between wanting to be social and wanting to be productive.
  • Chemo has been pretty draining for me this time around. I fell asleep while we were watching "The Curse of Oak Island" and woke back up just before going to proper bed. This has also informed my social media habits of just being too tired to do much else.
  • I've noticed I don't have the patience for long videos. I've got a bunch of them on my drive to watch later but they keep piling up. I might need to declare a "jubilee" and just delete them from that list.
  • Same with my read / review pile. It's overflowing.
  • Did I mention I was tired?
  • Chemo pump gets removed today, so that's something to look forward to. One of the things that invariably happens is that I drop the thing from the end-table that I keep it on overnight. Last night I didn't even make it to a proper snooze before the thing fell off the table. It also doesn't help that my reaction each time is to shout "God fucking damn it", especially late at night. At some point I'll be an expert at this.
  • Still trying to figure out which RPG I want to try to play solo. I love Mythic GME 2E but I'm a little daunted by it right now. Might try something a little smaller to get the juices flowing and give myself permission to work my way up to Mythic.
  • Did I mention I was tired?

That's about it for now. More to come.