Checking in: 2023-05-22

Checking in: Last week my intention was to set aside 30m to play with Ironsworn using isscrolls and immerse myself in it. I didn't do so hot with this. For starters the scenario that I created was, at best, dull. Travel travel travel, find a waypoint, travel travel travel, find a waypoint, and so on. Last night Jagger got waylaid and didn't complete his quest. Oh damn. I committed the ultimate sin for any RPG and stopped being a fan of the character. That's OK, though. I can try this again when I'm more ready to immerse myself. Last night, though, before bed I played "The Lighthouse at the Edge of the Universe", which is a solo journaling game about being a lighthouse keeper at the edge of the universe. That was more my speed at the moment. I'll likely return to Ironsworn at some point (and possibly other RPGs) but for now my brain needs something a little less complex. I'm also having trouble with the whole "immersion" thing. I haven't really given myself permission to immerse myself in whatever I'm doing. Perhaps this is an area that needs more exploration.

It's also been hard to immerse myself when I'm spending a lot of time in the bathroom because of my chemotherapy treatments. More than once I've had to ask JoDee to pause things because I need to avail myself of the facilities (often with an alarming urgency). Going to notice if there are any patterns that I can work around or at the very least try to head it off if possible. Worst case that's just another thing to add to my cancer dance card.

I'm feeling a bit restless as far as game design / interactive storyworld building. I think that deserves my attention this week.

For this week my intention is to give attention to my most important tasks for at least 30m in the morning (before reading email, social media, and the like).