This week I mentioned that I wanted to work more on rituals. Unfortunately this morning I didn't practice with this at all. I was thinking that something would happen today but it didn't so most of my energy was spent in anticipation of something that didn't happen. This is quite literally one of the worst-case scenarios for me: spending all day expecting something that doesn't come. It blows my circuits every single time. That's something that I need to work on, in part because dropping expectations is one of the areas that I'm focusing on.

I did however spend a lot of today playing with Bespoke Synth. It's something that I can dip into, play around for a bit, and leave satisfied that I did something creative. Plus there are so many aspects of this tool that I haven't fully explored. I sat on the back porch and used the outside world both as a vocoder and as a sample input. I love these moments of aural exploration, even if I never release the results.

I did spend some time playing a solo one-shot of Runecairn last night. It was kinda nice to just sit outside and let my imagination run wild for a bit. Did I play it correctly? I'm not sure. But that's also the beauty of Role Playing Games: as long as everyone agrees then that's the correct way to play it.

The practice of playing a RPG is also kind of a ritual. There's the various dice that can be brought out, the practice of filling out the forms, and the back-and-forth interactivity between the players and the game system / facilitator. It can actually be pretty beautiful to notice.

Anywho; rituals. Let's do more of them.