Permission and Priority

One thing I've struggled with lately is the idea of giving my own designs priority. I'm not sure why that is. Perhaps it's because I'm not sure they're good enough or I've had them going for far too long. All I know is that yesterday I didn't give them any attention at all. There were other things that took precedence so I didn't give them that priority.

There's nothing wrong with that. Sometimes other things pop up that require our attention. This morning I didn't try to do any of a morning ritual because sitting in the front room enjoying the breeze with JoDee was way more important than anything I could have been doing that moment. The main thing is to be more aware and present with my decisions rather than just looking at the clock and fretting that things aren't happening when I want them to happen.

After I showered I took the opportunity to just sit with one of my game designs and do some work on it. It's a journaling game about visiting a record shop. Record shops have been an integral part of my life since I was in college (and a bit before that in high school). I want to bring that joy to other folks. But for whatever reason this design has lain dormant for a while. So I gave myself permission to make this a priority. Once I did that I came up with other aspects that needed fleshing out with this game. Things like the name of the shop, what kind of a shop it was, and so forth. Once I gave myself permission the writing started to flow.

I need to practice with giving myself more permission and priority for my own stuff. Will add that to my focus this week.