Decluttering: War Against Paper

I've been re-listening / reading Leo Babauta's "The Simple Guide to a Minimalist Life". It's been helping me to really focus on what's important in my life and what isn't necessary anymore. One of the sections in there was about moving from paper to digital. I'm pretty digital but I do have a tendency (especially with Role Playing Games) to print out a lot. Also I've managed to accrue a lot of paper in folders and what-not that can either live on in the digital realm or just be shredded altogether. I took several folders of stuff and just recycled it (reference material, workbooks, and the like). I've moved from trying to not use the laptop while roleplaying to embracing it. Part of that is because I like digital tools, and part of it is because while I love paper books I do also like how searchable a PDF can be. That and I can also leverage the various calculators, dice rollers, and what-not that are available on the computer.

That doesn't mean I won't use paper when needed. Sometimes printing up a character sheet is easier than using one on the computer. But I can pick and choose if that's something I prefer. And I can scan the character sheet if I want to archive the character or transfer it to the computer.

Plus there was stuff for our cars (recalls, repair receipts and what-not) that didn't need to live on as paper. I scanned those and shredded the paper copies.

I'm going to continue figuring out how to make this work and keep minimizing the amount of paper I use. It'll be an interesting challenge, but it's also one I'm looking forward to.