Checking in; 2023-05-30

Did some more work on my Record Shop journaling game. I'm having fun fleshing this out. I enjoy the theme, and I'm not sure there are other games out there that play with this. I need to get the actual prompts for selecting recordings in place, though, as the ones near the end are from a previous iteration of the game. More to come on this.

I've also been playing several solo games. I mentioned Lighthouse at the Edge of the Universe but I've also been playing around with Minimalist Fate Solo and Free-form Just for Kicks (FJKRP). The stories that I've been making are a bit daft (the wizard in my FJKRP game was named Doofus and his goal was to retrieve the "Amulet of Amuleting") but they have been helping me to break through my creative barriers to just work in this space. (It also gives me an opportunity to use the "Rock Paper Scissors" dice that I got from Loot Crate eons ago).

Today I have an appointment with my oncologist to see how things are progressing. Some days I am able to let myself forget that I have cancer. This past week was a little difficult but I'm feeling strong and ready for the next round. JoDee suggested we head to the back porch for breakfast (something that was unprompted by my previous blog posting) so I put some outside clothes on and am sitting here with my coffee and laptop writing. The breeze is cool and it's a perfect 70F (21C) outside. Of course later it'll be warmer (and we have an "ozone action day" but for now I'll take it.

I'm trying out a few things this week. The first is doing my meaningful work before I check in to social media / email. I haven't even begun to look at email (though I did give myself a peek into IRC. Yes, I still use IRC. It'll outlast whatever you're using today. Let that sink in for a moment). The second is to create more than I consume. This past month I went overboard in the consumption department. I've been picking up things left-and-right. I need to curb those impulses and actually create instead. I'm counting playing solo RPGs as creation even though they could be considered consumption because paying RPGs is a creative process. This might also lead into doing more assembly programming for the Atari 8bit machines or doing more maintenance with Tootstream, or working on the Pepper&Carrot Wiki. I'm not limiting myself to just one form of creativity (though I'm limiting myself to one thing at a time).

I've moved back to hourglass timers over my electronic timers. I like the electronic timers because they have a beeping notification when they stop. I also don't care for them because of the shrill beeping notification when they stop. Going to play with these to find out of they work better for my process.

That's it for the moment. If you have, thanks for reading this far.