Top five restaurants I unabashedly miss

We got talking about restaurants that have long since departed. Here's my top five that I completely miss.

  1. Abuelos. It was a Tex-Mex style restaurant with some amazing food. Sadly it disappeared from Michigan. Apparently they still exist out there, but nowhere near a day-trip for us.
  2. Cooker. Their fish and chips were amazing, the pot roast was fantastic (assuming it wasn't out), and the southern-style cooking was just comfort food in the making.
  3. Major Magics. One of many Chuck-E-Cheese knock-offs but remains special for me because my grandmother took me there many times. Lots of fantastic memories there.
  4. Cafe Habana / Bastone. My first and best introduction to Cuban Food. Honestly I could just eat the green sauce all night. And Bastone still lives on a bit inside of Jolly Pumpkin but it's not quite the same.
  5. Pei Wei. Nothing fancy, but a good meal. Sadly the only place in this area to get Pei Wei is at the goddamned airport. Seriously, does everything I like go to die at the airport? Et tu, Max and Erma's?